The localisation of software strings is only half the job.

Once an application has been localised, it is essential comprehensive testing takes place to perfect the functionality and appearance of your software before its release to the international market. A number of problems can arise from the software localisation process, which, if unchecked, will make your application fall short of local market expectations. Along with expert software and website localisation, we provide comprehensive localisation testing and quality assurance services (QA), which identify and remedy any cosmetic, linguistic and functional flaws before your product’s release.

Testing and QA pitfalls

During a full-scale globalisation effort, the translation of an application often exposes product coding or presentation layer issues that require resolution. It’s also common to see mistranslations of software string lists and resource files resulting from the limited context the translator often works with. Our expert teams work throughout the globalisation cycle to identify and correct these issues, reduce the cost of bringing your product to market and eradicate the frustration and confusion international customers may otherwise experience when using your application.

Global applications with a home-grown appeal

Software applications and websites that undergo localisation will face stiff competition from domestic products. National loyalty can be a determining factor in purchasing decisions, which is why you need an exacting localisation service to help you blend seamlessly into the native linguistic and cultural landscape. A localisation effort can be expensive, with the costs associated with correcting a problem increasing over time. When you have invested so heavily in a localisation service, comprehensive testing and quality assurance is essential to ensure nothing is left to chance.

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