To make an impact on a global scale, a standardised piece of software simply won’t do.

To conquer new markets you must develop software that meets the linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of your target audience. Creating a piece of software that is functionally flawless across a diverse range of languages and cultures requires more than a mere translation service. Every aspect of the software needs to be considered, from the language of the software strings themselves to units of measurement, number and address formats, character sets, word separation, local regulations, copyright issues and plenty more besides. With a full range of software localisation services delivered by a highly qualified and experienced team, we provide a timely, cost effective and expert solution to help you make the right impact on the global stage.

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Planning ahead is crucial to the delivery of an effective and efficient software localisation program.

Localisation is complex and problematic once the software has been built without internationalisation in mind, with text often garbled, fonts inexact and sentences cut off. We like to be involved from the off to create a software build that looks and performs at its best. Our experienced software localisation team will work closely with your software team to integrate software design, development, implementation and testing phases into your localisation processes. This seamless workflow creates quality software packages in any language that are ready for market quickly and cost effectively.

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An essential element of any software localisation project is the coordination of the user interface, help files and technical documentation tasks. Using industry best practice and the latest technology, we are able to automate much of the process to ensure the highest level of consistency, maximise cost savings and reduce your time to market. We build quality into every stage of our software localisation process.

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