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Open communication is at the heart of everything we do. We tailor each quote to the specifics of the project, using a clear and transparent pricing policy so you can see precisely what you’re paying for. Every charge is essential to the completion of the project, with no hidden fees added at a later date.

To keep the cost of your localisation project to a minimum, we recommend the following steps:


  • Extract the translatable content – if you provide us with software strings, we will have to extract the text ourselves. We will then embed the text back into the software string once the text has been translated.
  • Leave plenty space for translated text – text typically expands on translation from source to target language, so leave plenty of space on your website and document layout for different text lengths.
  • Provide mistake-free content – projects delivered with mistakes will be reviewed and corrected before our translators start their work.
  • Create term glossaries and style guides – providing our team with a precise outline of the work you require speeds up translation time and will reduce the cost of future projects.
  • Deliver text in its source format – avoiding sending content in PDF format as it can be difficult to extract the content.

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