Every translation we produce shapes the way customers and clients view your business. A mistake in your website copy might cost you a sale. An inaccuracy in your software could cost you a contract. People judge your business on the clarity, conciseness and accuracy of your communications, which is why every piece of work we produce needs to be perfect.

We operate a three step validation system to maintain our high standards.

Three pairs of expert eyes check every piece of content we produce before it arrives on your desk.

Each of our three specialists: the translator, editor and proofreader, is a professionally qualified translator with a relevant postgraduate qualification and industry specific experience. Any differences in their opinions are discussed with the translation project manager, who may then double-check any points of contention with the client.

An ethical code of conduct

Working in the right way is central to our ethos. We set high standards of ethical conduct for the company itself and our team of translators and interpreters. Adherence to our code of ethics ensures our clients’ trust is repaid with honest and accurate work. It is crucial that our work is on budget and meets the deadline; it is just as important that we can stand behind the quality and confidentiality of every document we produce.

The Text ‘n More quality assurance system guarantees that:

  • All texts are translated by qualified translators who have exhibited an exceptional standard of work during our multi-staged recruitment procedure.
  • All translations are entrusted to those with experience and expertise in the appropriate field.
  • All translated texts are subject to additional copy, stylistic and layout checks performed by our in-house translators and proofreaders.

We love to talk!

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