International SEO
International SEO
October 11, 2016

Expand your business across borders with international SEO

If you have dreams of expanding your business beyond the borders of your native market, you are in luck. The internet has come along and changed everything.…
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managing translation
Managing Translation
September 21, 2016

Managing translation: best practices to boost your ROI

Key stages in optimising translation management Managing translation successfully doesn’t start and end with the text itself. Smooth, honed processes are the difference between short-term adequacy and…
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global brand
February 9, 2016

How to Create a Truly Local, Global Brand

  Is your business ready for the global market? The temptation is to think of the big picture when rolling your brand out across different countries and…
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online market
January 26, 2016

The 13 languages that can open up 90% of the online market

Most of us don’t speak 13 languages; in fact, most of us struggle to speak one, but just because you’re not a linguistic superstar, it doesn’t mean…
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Marketing Trends
International Marketing
January 25, 2016

International Marketing Trends in 2016

  First, let’s get the formalities out of the way. This might be a bit late coming, but Happy New Year! If you’re a global marketer, then…
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Infographic website localisation
January 23, 2016

Infographic – Website Localisation: The Art of Attracting and Selling to Overseas Customers

The internet has removed many of the barriers that once stood between smaller UK businesses and expansion overseas. Now online businesses can simply localise their content to…
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global marketing campaign
BrandingMarketing translation
December 11, 2015

Your global marketing campaign – why translation is not enough

  Sometimes in business, we take shortcuts. We know we shouldn’t, but we invariably do. We’re not talking about the sneaky cups of tea you make for…
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Global Retail Markets
September 16, 2015

Localisation is the Key to Unlocking Global Retail Markets

Breaking into overseas retail markets has never been as achievable as it is right now. Globalisation, driven largely by new and ever improving communications technology, has allowed…
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App Localisation
October 21, 2014

The Importance of App Localisation

Over the past few years, mobile technology has developed at a blistering pace. From the most basic handsets - that some cleverly refer to as ‘dumb phones’…
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