The Global App Revolution is Here to Stay

Learning about the world of apps is almost like learning a new language. The new “app lingo” includes terms like app stickiness, app ecosystem, app analytics, app store, app churn risk, WhatsApp, and more. The average smartphone has 30 apps, and app downloads are booming in all corners of the world. While today’s app developers face no geographic limitations, their revenues will be limited with single-language versions. Reaching your target markets and gaining long-term traction depends on a savvy app translation and localisation strategy.

Downloads Are Not Enough!

Native language user experience is crucial. While total number of downloads is an important metric, positive user experience leads to higher revenues and loyal customers who come back for more. For the 95% of the world’s population that doesn’t read English as a native language, a native language version is a high predictor of positive user experience. Text ‘n More can deliver a user experience for your app that’s as smooth and intuitive as the original language version.

Components of an App
Translation Project

  • App Strings
  • App Store Descriptions
  • App Store Images
  • Product Update Descriptions
  • Press Releases

“Text ‘n More acted as a globalisation consultant to us as we localised our first app into six languages. They helped us see that what we thought would be a simple translation really required ‘localisation,’ i.e. adaptation to each target market.”

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Text ‘n More is Your App Localisation Expert. Our expertise enables us to predict and adapt to common app translation issues that will get your products to market faster, including:
  • Tools and best practices for translating ‘in context’ for maximum accuracy and minimal revisions
  • How to treat mobile apps and their special requirements
  • Workarounds for platforms with limited multilingual support
  • Analysis and recommendations to treat cultural references, colour, graphics, logos and icons
  • Solutions for the common challenge of 30%+ text expansion (space limitations for mobile devices)
  • Engineering solutions to enable data input in bi-directional (ex. Hebrew) or other unique scripts