Our Mission

We want to help your business to engage with markets around the world by expertly adapting your software, websites and apps. Our combination of linguistic and cultural tailoring will increase engagement and boost your online sales.

Our Vision

Text ’n More was founded on one simple belief: communication is central to the success of any company. Our core principles are clarity, simplicity and honesty, so you can leave us to take care of your international communications and concentrate on what you do best.

Our approach

We work with our clients to find new ways into international markets, from multilingual websites and e-commerce platforms to independent social media accounts for different countries.

Our global team of translators,

copywriters and localisation experts work to attract customers and increase sales all over the world by boosting their communications and optimising their online presence for specific target markets.
This tailored, native-language content engages prospects and results in more online enquiries, leads and sales around the world, enabling our clients to use the web and social media to tap into new markets and establish new customer bases.

But that’s enough about us.

We want to get to know you. Do you love your business as much as we love helping our clients to go global? Together, we can open up new markets and achieve your international potential.

All translators work exclusively into their native language and specialise in just one or two business sectors, ensuring pinpoint expertise;

Text ’n More is an internationally-minded company based in London and supported by an office in Poland;

Our global team of qualified, experienced translators, copywriters and localisation experts all have relevant qualifications and professional accreditations.